How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing | Infographic

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How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing | Infographic

13 Sep , 2016  

Looking for Digital Marketing Job? Digital Marketing is increasing tremendously standing out to be best marketing channel for any business and also as a great career option for today’s generation. Check out below statistics to understand the demand of digital marketing professionals:



  • Demand for Digital Marketing Professionals will Rise by 38% this Year
  • Compared to Traditional Marketers, Digital Marketing Managers are Paid 16% Higher Salary
  • In 2015, Businesses spent roughly $27 Billion on Display Advertising in North America
  • 96% of a User’s Time Online is spent engaged with content, email, new site, video sites and social media networks.
  • Spending on Digital Marketing is predicted to grow 12% in the next year, while budgets for traditional marketing will fall by 2%


Wondering how to start your career in digital marketing? Look the infographic below that would help you start off, providing guidance on how to become SEO specialist, Inbound Marketer, Search Engine Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Email Marketer and Web Analytics.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing | Infographic
Source: Digital Vidya

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