Best Times to Post on Social Media Platforms


Best Times to Post on Social Media Platforms | Infographic

10 Aug , 2016  

Do you create content to share on social media?

So, do you know the best time to share?


We all know that social media has brought revolutionary changes in marketing field for small businesses, big brands, e-commerce industries and even individuals. It has changed the way we connect to our audiences. Businesses have been curating content keeping their business growth in mind and even to engage with their targeted customers, is it right to post content on social media whenever possible.



Every business has their own take on online marketing strategies, the strategy which worked for one business may not work for other business from same genre. Even social media audience react differently from business to business, It’s all about what content you give them and at what time. Time plays a major role in social media, as people may out be online all the time. Even if they are online, they may not be interested to see promotional content. So, choosing times when your target audiences are active is crucial for successful social media marketing.


Check out below Infographic by Hubspot on Best Times to Post on Social Media Platforms


Best Times to Post on Social Media Platforms


Always remember, you know your business better than anyone else, so work out on different times and experiment, when your audience is active and engaging with your content. Take this Infographic as just a reference. Hope this was useful, share your views.


Note: Times in the infographic refer to United States audience, eastern and central time zones.
Source: Hubspot

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