Google Search Hacks Everyone Should Know


Google Search Hacks Everyone Should Know

1 Jul , 2016  

Around 54,000 queries are being searched on Google every second, it has become apart of our daily lives. Everyone uses Google to search for different topics, for various reasons, at different times and from different regions. What if we say that you are not making use of Google Search to its maximum potential? Check out these Google Search Tricks that would make your search easier and smarter.



Exact Phrase

When you are searching for specific search terms, add quotes to the search phrase, Google will show all the results that are matching to your search phrase. Adding quotes to the search term would minimize the search results and make your search easy.

google search tips and tricks


Specific Domain Search

For instance, you might be looking for content from a particular website, or to check whether Google has indexed all the pages of your website, you can use this search hack. You just need to type your search term using below syntax:


google search tips and tricks


Use of Hyphen

Sometimes we find unwanted search results, For example if you are searching for “Jaguar” animal but Google also shows results of “Jaguar Cars”. So, simple way to exclude car results is to include “-” in your search. This would give more relevant results for your Google search. Use the below syntax:


Jaguar -car


google search tips and tricks


Search Related Content

If you want to find websites that are similar to another website, you can simply use this trick. “Related” tag will give you all related content in the search results, Use the below syntax:


google search tips and tricks


Search Tools

Making use of search tools would allow you to dig into the information you are searching for. Using search tools you can find content from any country, based on time and relevancy. Search Tools are also available in Image Search, try them out and find the difference in your search results.  


google search tips and tricks  google search tips and tricks


Image Search

Google provides special search for images through Google Image Search. If you have an image with low resolution, you can search for good clarity image or you can even search the origin of the image. You need to simply visit


google search tips and tricks


Multiple Search

Sometimes you may want to search by using two or three phrases, at that time you might be searching twice in Google. You can actually search at once using the following syntax:


“Search Phrase One” OR “Search Phrase Two”


Specific Filetype

Google search is also having ability to search for specific filetypes. Like, if you are looking for PDF files, you can simply mention that in the search bar itself.


Search Term filetype:pdf

google search tips and tricks


These were simple yet effective Google Search tips, that would help your search to be more relevant and easy. For online marketers and SEO professionals Google Search plays a vital role, adopting these hacks would make your work and research easy. Try them out!

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