How to Link Twitter and Facebook


How to Link Twitter and Facebook

17 Feb , 2017  

Both Twitter and Facebook are huge social platforms, that no business/brand can afford to miss. Sometimes audiences on Twitter and Facebook can be different, like fans on your Facebook page may not be followers on Twitter profile, isn’t? Well, it doesn’t hurt but if you want to showcase your Tweets to your Facebook fans, there is simple way to do it.

Linking Twitter to the Facebook Page would post every tweet you do onto your Facebook Page and shows up on your fans Facebook feed. Check out these simple steps to link:

1.Go to your Twitter account and login.

2. Then go to “Settings”, from right drop-down menu.

How to Link Twitter and Facebook

Go to Settings

3. Under “Apps”, you will find “Connect to Facebook” tab.

Connect to Facebook

4. Click on it and you need to authorize the Facebook app.

How to Link Twitter and Facebook

Authorize App

5. Once the Facebook app is authorized, you will find an option “Allow posting to one of your pages”, click on Allow.

How to Link Twitter and Facebook

Allow Facebook Page

6. Then you need to select the page, on which you want to post your tweets.

How to Link Twitter and Facebook

Select your Page

7. Remember to deselect: post to Facebook profile and even retweets to Facebook.

8. That’s it, now your every tweet will be posted on your business Facebook page also.

Note: If you use Twitter more than Facebook and tweet every hour or so, your Facebook fans may not be so happy to see your tweets popping up on their news feed. So, before linking your Twitter to FB page think twice whether your Facebook Fans would be pleased or not.


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