Motivations For Sharing Content on Facebook | Infographic


Motivations For Sharing Content on Facebook | Infographic

1 Jul , 2016  

Facebook, very interesting and a great social media platform that has become part of life for more than 1.65 Billion people all over the world and still counting. Everyone shares millions and millions of content, images, links, videos and much more with their friends and family. What could be the motivation for sharing the content on their timeline? Reasons may be many, content could be shared to connect to as many people as possible, or even to connect emotionally and also to pass on the message.



To know what Motivates People to Share Content on Facebook would be really interesting!


Recent study by Fractl has given better understanding to what motivates people to share content on their Facebook timeline. They have surveyed among 2000 active users and dragged out information about what people share on Facebook and why? Let’s check out important points out of the research:


  • 48% people share content that their friends will find interesting or get entertained
  • 53% of people totally agree with the statement that, things are shared on Facebook to feel close to their friends
  • 73% of females say that sharing on facebook helps them to feel connected to their friends.
  • Women facebook sharers are 26% are more likely to share content more than once a day than men
  • 1 out of 10 users stated that their primary reason for sharing content was to educate their connections, though more than half (55%) stated they do want to share useful content


Fractl has curated these observations in the infographic below:

Motivations For Sharing Content on Facebook | Infographic

Source: Fractl

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