11 Amazing Facts About Twitter

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11 Amazing Facts About Twitter

14 Nov , 2016  

We all love Twitter, isn’t? Twitter is an amazing platform for businesses/brands to expand opportunities to grow and also to stay connected with the customers. This micro-blogging site has just set fire once it was launched and has given new direction to social networking and online marketing.



Here are some twitter statistics:


  • There are 317 Million Active Users
  • Approximately 1.3 Billion Users are registered on Twitter
  • Daily Active Users are about 100 Million
  • Nearly 347,000 tweets are sent out every minute.


There are many interesting facts about twitter, you wouldn’t know. Check them out!

Early names considered for Twitter was “Friendstalker”. Imagine how would it be!

Bird in the Twitter logo, actually has a name and it is called: “Larry”.

Twitter bird is named after sports legend “Larry Bird”.11 Amazing Facts About Twitter

The idea of Twitter was hatched on the slide at a playground, isn’t interesting?

Twitter actually did not invent #Hashtag, these came into existence from the idea given by Chris Messina.11 Amazing Facts About Twitter

Katy Perry has the most followers, which is more than population of Egypt.

Ellen Degeneres sent the most retweeted tweet. That got more than 3.4 million retweets.11 Amazing Facts About Twitter

When you’re overwhelmed with information or you’re just so excited that you forget to tweet or forget to share, then you are actually “Twitterpated”. Yes, it has a word.

Despite of huge success, Twitter is yet to earn profits, it has be accumulating revenue loses.

140 character limit was actually because of mobile phones; length of text messages on mobiles were 160 characters, so tweets were initially limited to 160 characters and further trimmed to 140 characters.

Ending a tweet with an empty hashtag is called a hangtag.

Source: Entrepreneur


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