What are Sessions, Users & Pageviews | Google Analytics Metrics

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What are Sessions, Users & Pageviews | Google Analytics Metrics

22 Jul , 2015  

Understanding Google Analytics data is crucial to know the performance of the website and even to measure, whether you are reaching the desired results or not. Well, Google Analytics gives loads and loads of data about the website, the incoming traffic referrals, demographics, usability and many more. So, every webmaster looks forward to track out the data and understand on-going performance of the website, so that they can improvise in every way to reach the customers.



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Sometimes, Analytics data and metrics may be kind of tricky. When it comes to Google Analytics, we talk about conversions, goals, sessions, users, bounce rate, and many to count, but sometimes we fail to understand importance of these metrics. Today, let’s get to the basics and understand the most important metrics that fall under “Audience”.

Sessions, Users and PageViews. Yes, those metrics which stand as pillars and give you the exact number of people visiting your website. These three metrics are tricky isn’t?

What are sessions, users and pageviews


A session is the number of interactions made by a user in given time frame. Google Analytics, defines a time frame of a session to be 30 minutes. So, a user entering to your website, and spends 30 minutes on your website, then a session counts.

If user spends few seconds on your website is counted as one session, and if a user spending 30 minutes & 02 seconds then that user is counted to have two sessions.



Users are nothing but number of unique visitors of your website.  A new visitor is counted to be as a User, and sometimes a returning visitor who had a session in previous set date range. So, basically a visitor who has spent many sessions is also counted to be as a single user.



Pageviews is the total number of webpages viewed by the users. If a single page is viewed repeatedly either in one session or multiple, all the views are counted.


Lets consider an Example, User A and B

User A, visits the website and views about 10 pages in 42 Minutes. After few days, he returns to the website (Returning Visitor) for about 2 Minutes and visits 5 pages, in which 2 pages are already visited. So Now:

  • Users : 1
  • Sessions: 3
  • Pageviews: 15


User B, visits the website from desktop and spends about 67 minutes and views 16 webpages, then next time he visits from mobile browser for about 8 minutes and visits 1 webpage. Now thats;

  • Users: 2
  • Sessions: 4
  • Pageviews: 17

Here, user B has visited the website from two different browsers (desktop and mobile); so they will be counted as two different users.


Now, the complete count of both the Users A & B would be:

  • Users: 3
  • Sessions: 7
  • Pageviews: 32


This example gives a clear picture of Sessions, Users and Pageviews. These are initial and crucial metrics a webmaster should focus on. Share your views in the comment section below.

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