10 Most Common Google Adwords Mistakes You Need to Avoid


10 Most Common Google Adwords Mistakes You Need to Avoid

29 Sep , 2015  

Opting Google Adwords to convey your message to the audience directly? That’s a great and powerful tool, which has the capability to reach your targeted customers even in the online marketing chaos. Choosing to get paid traffic for your business website is a wise choice, only when you manage it correctly. Because having some keywords, ad copies and huge budget is not profitable unless you analyze the campaign and run accordingly.



Though it’s very easy to set up a campaign, it doesn’t mean that gaining positive impact is also easy. Google Adwords campaign is said to be successful only when you get profitable return on investment, right? Many advertisers start off with the campaigns just hoping for best, but unfortunately they run into some common mistakes, which can cost the business.


Let’s Check out the 10 Common Mistakes Done in Google Adwords Campaigns


Issues with Budget Allocation

Before starting any campaign planning is the first step, Budget allocation has to be done in that stage itself. Advertisers commonly make a mistake allocating same budget for every campaign, which has to be analyzed. Instead, goals of the campaign should determined; you need to analyze which service or product is most important for you and you want to gain loads of leads to it. So segregate, campaigns with high budget separately and low budget separately depending on your business goals and purpose of initiating the campaign.

Initially if you are unable to analyze how much to spend on your campaigns, start off the campaign with minimum set budget; slowly analyze the campaign, CPC & Daily Clicks according to which you can adjust the budget.


Broad Match Keywords can be Costly

In initial stages of Adwords campaign, broad match keywords can be too costly to afford. Because competing to be in higher positions for broad match keywords can be tough and even costly. So, never go for broad match keywords initially; instead create groups of long tail keywords that are relevant to your business and that have proved to be beneficial for your business. Doing which you can increase your quality score and get higher positions.



Too Many Keywords in a AdGroup

For your business, if you have listed for about 500 keywords for a one single campaign; would you stuff them in one single ad group? If Yes. That’s the mistake you are doing! Segregating the keywords based on different services/products, and then targeting those keywords in separate ad groups with creative ad copies will be more specific, beneficial and easy to analyze.


Too Many Keywords in Ad Copies

Having your targeted keyword in the ad copy is the wise choice, because when user starts searching for a query and you advertise your business for that query and have the keyword in your ad; will increase the chance to gain a click. But don’t include too many keywords, this can mess up your ad and even drop the quality score of your ad. So keep it simple, add one keyword, be creative, please your audience and don’t forget to include a call-to-action.


Don’t Ignore Negative Keywords

Everything has a negative side to it, so does your business targeted keywords. Adwords provides a great option to ignore all the keywords that don’t come under your roof.

Let’s consider an example, If your business is about “designer bags” and the keyword is broad match. So, when user types “cheap designer bags” and your ad is appearing, that’s a bad sign isn’t? So avoiding keywords like “cheap” in this case would be beneficial. In the same way, analyze your business and identify the negative keywords for your campaign and include them.   


Ad Construction Problems

Right Ad is the key for the campaign and also entry point for your audience to know about you and crucial to turn them into customers. So, getting them right is mandatory. Many advertisers/marketers fail to get the ads right, convey the message and end up doing some mistakes.

Common mistake is creating one Ad for all the keywords, which is pointless when you can try different ad variations. Don’t target one keyword in the ad, instead create ads in such way that; every ad stands up relevant for all the keywords in that adgroup.

Don’t be so generic while creating the ads and never use same phrases as of competitors. For Example, Your competitor is offering 20% discount on first purchase of the product, Don’t do the same thing. Instead be creative and attract the audience vision with your content in the ad.

Don’t stick to plain ad format, instead try feature rich ads that include ad extensions which conveys more about your business. Always remember not to talk more about business in the ad content, this would waste space allocated in the ad. Instead, include what your business does and how you can benefit the customers.


Directing to Website Homepage

Do you think, it is profitable for a business to direct the Adwords paid traffic to the website? Think twice about it, it is the common mistake done by many advertisers especially the beginners. Looking for something users have landed on your website, if they don’t get instant solutions; it will probably turn them off. So, create a landing page that provides the solution to the users as well as benefits your business. Playing smart include quick insight or a link to your website, which would increase the urge in audience to know more about your business and provokes them to connect with your brand.


Landing Page Issues

It’s wise to create landing page, a best and great alternative of homepage. We have already seen how homepage can cost you customers; So, don’t include same information in the landing page as in homepage. Because understand that users have viewed your ad for a particular query they had, always try to satisfy them and also meet their requirement. Commonly advertisers include company information, and other details which are not much needed. Instead give more insights to the targeted keyword/service/product for which you have created the ad; include specifications, benefits, credibility, call to action and contact information.


Quick Response

Quick response matters a lot when you are a running online paid ad campaigns. Because once users complete the action that you expect, even users expect a quick response from your side. For example, for your business services a user has signed up, would it be good if you respond them late? Exactly, avoid this mistake by responding to your audiences in no time.


Analyzing ROI

Last one, but mostly committed mistake, not calculating the return on investment. Generally the small companies/business aiming for huge profits start off with the Adwords campaign; but managing the campaign is not enough unless you calculate the returns on it, which many business owners fail to analyze. Analyzing ROI is easy by setting up goals in Google Analytics and the examination of campaign day-to-day based on the business & campaign goals. Never fail to calculate the conversions and ROI, which makes sense to your business.


These were the 10 common Adwords mistakes that may ruin your campaign, so watch them out and share your experience with Adwords in the comment section below.

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