Google Adwords Remarketing Explained | Digital Verge


Google Adwords Remarketing Explained | Digital Verge

3 Aug , 2015  

Google Adwords provides ample opportunities to advertise and market a product or a business in various ways, through different advertising networks. Remarketing is one of the most effective online advertising channel of Google Adwords, where you can reach out those users who have visited you once and turn them out to be your customers. Well, let’s see how does this happen.



What is Remarketing?


Remarketing is through Google Display Network, which allows advertisers to show their ads to users who have visited their website already but did not convert to be a customer. It can also be said as, re-targeting those audience who have visited your website while browsing or purposely and didn’t make a conversion; such re-targeting increases the conversion rate and even ROI of your business.



User A, have visited a ecommerce website, viewed some of the products but didn’t purchase any of them and left the website. Remarketing displays the advertisers (ecommerce website) ad on Google partnered websites which User A visits later on. Showing the ads of already visited website, creates an urge in the User to visit the website again and probably buy the product.


How Remarketing Works?


Working of the adwords remarketing is quite simple. Remarketing basically works on cookies, the visitor’s cookie ID is added onto your remarketing list, and these cookie IDs are collected only when the visitor meets your criteria. With the help of the cookie IDs, ads are displayed on various websites to the visitors again and again.


Remarketing also allows advertisers to retarget audiences in various criteria; for example you may target visitors that have landed onto the contact page and didn’t fill up the enquiry form. There are many customizations which can be implemented, such as deciding the period of time for which cookie ID will be on your remarketing list, how many ads to show, choosing the 3rd party websites and many more.


How Google Remarketing Works

How Google Remarketing Works


Adwords Remarketing Ads


As mentioned, Remarketing ads are displayed through Google Display Network channel; so you need to create the banner ads in different banner sizes and formats. Google also provides option to create ads that incorporates data present on your website, which includes images, videos or any rich-media. Remarketing is powerful online marketing technique so, create the ads that tends users to click on it and go to website again.


How much does Remarketing Cost?


Every online marketing campaign costs differently based on the requirement of the advertiser. Similarly, remarketing costs as per your targeting areas; broader you choose targeting audience higher the costs will be. The bidding strategies that are allowed are many and mainly CPM & CPC strategies are preferred.


Benefits is Remarketing


  • Allows advertisers to stay in contact with the target audience, even after they left the website
  • Increase in Conversion rates
  • Larger brand exposure
  • Raising trust among the targeted audience and urging them to make a purchase/signup for your business


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