How to Link Google Adwords & Google Analytics

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How to Link Google Adwords & Google Analytics

16 Oct , 2016  

Google has helped small businesses and big brands to mark their strong impression on web and as well as on their audiences by providing most proficient tools; and two among them are Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Where Analytics helps in understanding the website’s performance and Adwords helps in advertising the services or products on various online networks.



Linking Adwords and Analytics is a great way to monitor and understand the traffic that is coming through ads. Of course, Google Adwords gives some data similar to Analytics; but Analytics gives deeper and clear picture of data, providing additional information like behaviour and conversions. Now, when you are advertising your services/products through Adwords, it becomes crucial to analyze the conversions like what’s working and what’s not. Conversion tracking is made easy using Analytics, so linking both the tools will provide you data that is beneficial.


So, all set to link Google Adwords and Analytics, check out the steps below:

Firstly, Login to Google Analytics Account.

After signing-in, check whether data sharing options are enabled or not. Just go to Admin >> Account Settings >> Data Sharing Settings and check “Google Products and Services” box.


How to Link Google Adwords & Google Analytics

Now, Go to Admin and under “Property”, click on “Adwords Linking”.


How to Link Google Adwords & Google Analytics

Next, check the box next to Adwords account you want to link and then click on continue.


How to Link Google Adwords & Google Analytics

Give a “Group Title” for reference and always remember to click on “Select All”.

Once check whether “Auto-Tagging” is on or not, otherwise Adwords data would be reported as organic.

Finally, click on “Link Accounts”.


How to Link Google Adwords & Google Analytics


Studying complete performance data is the key to success, and now you can track Adwords conversions easily with Analytics. Create Goals in Analytics to have deeper analysis, by which you can improvise your campaign performance and gain profitable results.

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