Keyword Match Types in Google Adwords


Keyword Match Types in Google Adwords

2 Dec , 2015  

When it comes to Adwords, it’s all about keywords. User search queries should match the keywords that are linked to relevant ads created by Adwords. It is quite important to decide for which keywords should your ads trigger and also understand the purpose of the search made; in order to serve the user better and advertise the Ad at the right place to the right user.



For Example, When a user searches for “Designer Cakes”; the purpose of the search may be: to buy the designer cake or to get an idea about designer cakes. A single keyword has different variations; so, understanding the purpose behind each search is important to match the ad to the right variation of the keyword.


Match Types, define keyword variations that can be chosen for a keyword, for which your ads has to be triggered in your adwords campaign. While bidding the ads for certain keywords, you need to choose the right match type that accurately specifies to Google for which keyword searches you want your ads to be matched. Let’s check out the match types and their usage.


Broad Match

Broad Match is the default match type, usage of this keyword match type your ad would display to the wide audience. If keyword is broad match type, your ad may show up to any search term containing keyword in any form; whether in a phrase, synonyms of the keywords, misspellings, singular/plural forms or keywords in any order.

Symbol:  None

Example Keyword:  Designer Cakes

Searches for which Ads may show up:  Designer Cakes, Buy Designer Cakes, Best Designer Cakes Store, Designer Cakes for Wedding, Buy Designer Cake for Wedding  


Broad Match Modifier

Modifiers are added to the broad match keyword to specify the targeted keywords and cut down unwanted impressions of the ads. Adding modifiers to the broad match, ads can show up to the user’s search that has the modified keyword, close variant or even same as modifier.

Symbol:  +

Example Keyword:  +Designer +Cakes

Searches for which Ads may show up:  Designer Cakes, Buy Designer Cakes, Designer Wedding Cakes, Best Designer Birthday Cakes


Phrase Match

If you would like your ads to show up to the searches those have a particular targeted phrase, then keyword has to be phrase match keyword. Combination of two or more words can be a phrase, when keywords are made phrase match, ads show up to user’s searches which have that particular phrase, synonyms, misspellings, singular/plural forms or close variants of that phrase.  

Symbol:  “ “

Example Keyword:  Designer Cakes

Searches for which Ads may show up:  Designer Cakes, Buy Designer Cakes Online, Designer Cakes for Wedding, Buy Designer Cake for Wedding Online, Buy Design Cake


Exact Match

When keywords are specified to be exact match; ads show up to the searches that exactly match to the keywords not for any other keywords or variants.

Symbol:  [ ]

Example Keyword:  [Designer Cakes]

Searches for which Ads may show up:  Designer Cakes


Negative Match

When campaigns are being created, ads show up to some irrelevant keywords, For Example your blog is all about teaching how to make “Designer Cakes”, in this case your Ads shouldn’t show up for keywords like “Buy Designer Cakes”. Unnecessary keywords can be eliminated by specifying them to be negative; in above example “Buy” will be negative keyword.


Example Keywords: Buy, Online, [Designer Cakes]

Searches for which Ads may show up:  Cakes for Wedding, Designer Wedding Cakes


From Broad Match to Exact Match, the volume of the audience decreases and control over the campaign and ads increases. So, choose which match types are most important for your business. Using Match Types can be quite tricky in the beginning, but when you understand the purpose of your campaign and have a clear idea on what all keywords you want to show your ads to the audience, your job is done.  

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