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Understanding Google Advertising Network | Google Adwords

14 May , 2015  

Google Adwords is a great platform to market your brand and reach your customers, but you should know how you are going to work with it and what will be your goals? Adwords gives ample ways to advertise your brand, Let’s look at the Google’s advertising networks and different ad formats you can choose from. There are two advertising networks:

  • Google Search Network
  • Google Display Network



While creating the campaign structure advertising network should be set which will be the campaign type, either be it search network or display network. Well, Adwords also gives leverage to show your ads on both networks; but the campaigns should be created separately.


Search Network:

If you are choosing search network to be your campaign type, ads will appear on Google search, other Google sites and non-Google search partners. Ads are triggered when ads are matched with the search results, and ads appear in the set places allocated for the ads in google search and other search partners. Advertisers can reach their customers by showing up their ads for the targeted queries.

Search Network

Ads Positions in Google Search

Types of Search Network Ads:

Text Ads: This is simple ad that consists only text and has a particular format: A headline, description, display URL (where your website address will be displayed) and a destination URL ( Link on which user has to land on).

Text Ads with Extensions: Along with the simple text ad, in extensions Google allows advertisers to provide business information like location, phone number or other links that would give closer insights for your ad.

Google Advertising Network 1


Display Network:

Display Network campaign gives wide range of options for advertisers on various platforms like Google Website (Like Blogger, Youtube, Gmail, Google Finance), Mobile Sites, Apps and partner sites. While in search network, ads are triggered when keywords are searched by users and in display network they are triggered when ads are matched to the content on the page that is selected.

Using display network, advertisers can display their ads on following platforms (shown in the image) and other online destinations where Google Adwords are shown, reaching more audiences. Moreover, display network allows advertisers to choose specifically where the ads should appear and to what type of audience.

Google Advertising Network 2

How are the Ads shown up?

Keywords are important to trigger the ads up, ads are displayed when it matches with the set keyword in the campaign. Other than keywords, you can also target specific group of people based on their gender, age and various interests. Adwords also allows advertisers to choose particular interested topic to display the ads. For example, if your business is boutique, you can choose fashion topic, to show up your ad in the fashion related online destinations.

Types of Display Network Ads:

  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Rich Media Ads
  • Video Ads


Ads on Mobiles

Mobile devices are prominent areas to target, as people love to browse and even work on the go on their mobile devices and tabs. Adwords allows advertisers to reach out such potential customers through both search network and even display network.


Running a successful campaign is not that tough, when Google Adwords is understood well.


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