Adowrds Campaign Structure


Understanding Google Adwords Campaign Structure

21 Apr , 2015  

For any successful Adwords campaign, the basic thing that is needed is proper structuring of the campaign; and it is possible when campaign structure is understood well. So, today let’s see the basic Google Adwords Campaign Structure.



Adwords works in three prominent pillars and these pillars make a basic structure, they are:

  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Ad Groups


Account: Your whole Adwords campaign’s essential information is associated with this account that deals with a unique email address, that is secured with a password and also has complete billing information for different campaigns.

Campaign: In an account, there can be upto 10,000 campaigns with different targeting options and different budgets. In campaign settings, one can decide targeting options like geographical location, timings and device types where the ad should appear and even budget can be set (that is how much you are willing to pay for clicks, impressions or conversions).

Ad Groups: They are present under the campaign, in each campaign there can be upto 20,000 ad groups that contain ads and set of keywords for which ads will be triggered. Campaign settings will be applicable for all the ad groups present in that particular campaign.


To run successful campaigns with high quality score and minimum budget, structuring is important. The recommended way is that, your Adwords campaign structure should represent your business and should clearly specify the goal that you want to achieve with different campaigns and ad groups.


Adwords Campaign Structure


For easy understanding, let’s consider an online fashion store website for which Adwords should be done (Online Boutique)

Adwords Campaign Structure Example



Seeing the above structure, we can easily understand business and their goals. The best part in Adwords is that, more you cut down the structure into different campaigns and ad groups, lesser budgets you can bid on.


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