Quality Score and Its Importance


What is Quality Score & Why is it Important?

7 Mar , 2015  

While maintaining Google AdWords campaign, one should be so tricky and analytical in order to gain maximum clicks with minimum budget. You might be wondering? Maximum clicks can be possible only if the Ad is positioned in the Top right? And to position it on top, it costs more. Not really, Quality Score can actually save your money.



What is Quality Score?

It is the simple estimation of quality of the Ad, depending on which Google decides its position in the sponsored space of search results and also how much you will pay for each click. In simple words, higher quality ads leads to lower prices and higher ad positions.

Quality Score is given from 1-10 for a keyword, where 1 being the lower and 10 being the higher.

Higher Quality Scores gains:

  • Traffic
  • Ad positions
  • Site links
  • Product extensions

Lower Quality Scores:

  • High Costs
  • Less Exposure


Why you should count on Quality Score?

  • Higher Quality Sore will decrease the CPC (Cost per Click)
  • Higher Quality Score will increase the AdRank

So, in both the cases, Quality Score of a keyword should high (7-10) to gain maximum out of minimum budget.


Quality Score

Factors that effect Quality Score:

Keyword Relevancy:

When user searches, how relevant is your ad to satisfy the user search counts in relevancy. Your keywords and ads should always be relevant, because Google always aims to provide the best to the user.

Click-through-Rate (CTR):

This factor completely deals with the previous clicks of your ads and impressions. CTR is calculated as Number of Clicks/Number of Impressions for a particular keyword.

Landing Page Quality:

As we already know, Google tends to provide best for the users; so the landing page of the ad should have the relevant information that is shown in the ad and foremost it should satisfy the user.

Display URL’s CTR:

How the display URL’s have been getting the clicks and how well is the CTR is that counts.

Other factors that also matter are Geographic Performance and Device Targeting, that counts how well the ads are targeting the regions and the devices (like mobiles, tablets, laptops and more).


Where can you find the Quality Score?

  • Sign into your Google AdWords account
  • Click on Campaigns
  • Select¬†Keywords
  • Beside every keyword status, there is a speech bubble. Click on that to find out the quality score of that particular keyword.


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