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Best Helping Tool for Keyword Research

7 Mar , 2015  

Keyword Research is the first thing that is done in SEO rather we can also say Digital Marketing, without keyword research quality results cannot be reached in SEO, SEM or in SMO. So, it is quite essential in every aspect.

Considering the Google Suggestions/AutoCompletion is the most common thing every SEO analyst does, because we believe that Google gives the most frequently searched autocompletion keywords and targeting those keywords would increase the credibility of the webpage. And the fact is that, it definitely does!



As per the traditional practice we tend to type the targeting keyword and check the suggestions that Google provides and consider those keywords. But at times it seems to be a long process of collecting all relevant keywords list, isn’t?


free keyword research tool


What if you get all the possible suggested keywords in a single click?


KeywordTool can actually make your work easy, by giving all the autocompletion keywords with a single click. This tool helps you discover more long tail keywords that can gain you potential customers or the people who are searching for you. Not only Google Suggestions this tool also gives Youtube, Bing and App Store autocompletion keywords.


  • Its Free
  • Gives about 750+ Keyword Suggestions
  • 100% Reliable


free keyword research tools


Try KeywordTool Today!!


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