Filename Optimization | SEO Best Practices


Filename Optimization | SEO Best Practices

9 Sep , 2015  

Optimizing website is not complicated when we take care of little things from the scratch. There are many simple elements or factors that may give drastic change in your search rankings; and one of them is “The way of naming the Files”.



Having optimized filenames and considering them is the simplest method to improve your website’s SEO. Files can be anything, like your HTML, PHP, Images or documents etc. Google gives importance to the filenames also; So before uploading or embedding them into your website, you should make sure that the names of these files are perfectly optimized.


File Naming Best Practices


  • Filename should be relevant to the content of the webpage
  • It should be short and descriptive
  • Targeted keyword should be preferred as the filename
  • For perfect optimization, use the same targeted keyword in the filename as well as in title of the webpage
  • Try to use at most 2 keywords in the filename, only if possible
  • Do not stuff the filename with 3-4 keywords
  • Separate the words in the filename with the hyphen instead of underscores
  • Do not use generic words as filenames like: home.html, index.html or services.php as such


For Example:

If your file is about “Digital Marketing Services”; don’t just name the file as “Services”. Following would be the best ways:




These little methods can make a website strong in terms of SEO, So never ignore such factors. Share your views with us in the comment section below!

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