How to Link Google Analytics and Search Console

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How to Link Google Analytics and Search Console

6 Nov , 2015  

Google Analytics and Search Console (Previously known as Webmaster Tool) are the treasurers of enormous data about your website, one holding data of your visitors and other technical aspects in Googlebot point of view. So, both the tools are important for every webmaster to understand the performance of the website in both audience and search engine point of views.

Having both of these tools active for your website is beneficial and linking both of them is more beneficial. Linking GA and search console would allow you to track powerful search console data within Google Analytics. This will provide you number of clicks and keywords using which organic traffic has arrived to the website.


Steps to Link Google Analytics & Search Console

  • Sign into Google Analytics
  • Go to “Admin”
  • Navigate to Account >> Property >> Your Website
  • Select “Property Settings”

Linking Google Analytics & Search Console

  • Moving down, you will find “Search Console”
  • Click on “Edit”, you will be navigated to Search Console, Select the property and then Click on Save.
  • Now, under “Enabled Views”, select All Website Data and Click on Save

Linking Google Analytics & Search Console

  • That’s it, Google Analytics and Search Console are linked


Once these two tools are linked, go to Reporting Section of Google Analytics. Under Acquisition, you will find “Search Engine Optimization” report. Where data from Search Console is been displayed in the analytics, where you get to analyze Queries or Keywords, Landing Pages and Geographical Summary. In simple words, you get access to keywords searched in Google, number of impressions of your webpages, number of clicks, pages information and many more.


Linking Google Analytics & Search Console


It is always recommended to link Google Analytics and Search Console of your web property. So, integrate them today.

Let us know if you have any queries!

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