How to Set Up Search Console for your Website


How to Set Up Search Console for your Website

17 Jul , 2015  

If you are looking for some attention and traffic for your website, then Google Search Console setup is the first thing you need to look into. It helps you get recognition and initial search traffic for your website.



Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmasters Tools) is a free software provided by Google that helps you understand and manage the technical side of your website. It allows website owners (we can say, webmasters) to check the search visibility of the website and even monitors the indexed pages status and many more technical aspects. Before performing SEO, Search Console should be setup as it reveals great information about your website.

Matt Cutt’s says Not using the Website Resources is the one among the top five mistakes done by the webmasters. Search Console is the free website resource that is way too beneficial in SEO point of view. Setup is quite simple and easy, this guide gets you to the basics and shows how to setup Search Console for a website.


Steps to setup Google Search Console


Sign In

As it is product of Google, its quite simple to sign up; just with a Google Account. Sign in to any of your Google accounts (either gmail, google+, etc).

Open in the browser, it will ask for adding property. So enter your website address or android app address (as you can have webmasters for apps too). Then click on “Add Property”.


how to setup search console



Once the website is added, for security reasons it has to be verified whether you are owner of the website or not. There are some verification methods, the recommended one is to signing into the domain name provider. You need to follow simple 3 steps of the verification.


search console setup & verfication


Other than that, there are four alternative methods that are quite simple by which verification can be done:

HTML File Upload: Here you will be provided with the HTML file, you just need to download the file. Then file has be uploaded in the root folder of your website, after which search console will provide a URL; open the URL and confirm the upload and even verification procedure.

search console setup & verfication


HTML Tag: Search Console will provide a simple meta tag, add the tag in <head> section of your website. After adding you need to confirm the verification. That’s it, verification will be done but remember do not remove the tag after the verification.

search console setup & verfication


Google Tag Manager: Using the Tag Manager account you can claim the website’s ownership, but remember you need to have the “manager” permission to the account. Using the container ID, Search Console can be verified.

search console setup & verfication


Google Analytics: We all know the Google Analytics helps to track out the website traffic data and many more; using analytics as alternate method you will be given a code that has to be uploaded to the <head> section of the webpage. Once that’s done, you can confirm the verification process.

search console setup & verfication



Once the verification is done, leave the search console account for 24 hours to gather interesting data. This free tool gives you loads of information to understand your website and enhance and also make changes to make better website, in order to reach audiences through Google search engine. So, start exploring the search console dashboard.

Every website owner should have the Search Console account, it is beneficial to enhance your website both for SEO and to increase user experience. Most importantly, you get to understand your website, So gear up and set up an account for your website.

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