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Image Optimization for SEO | SEO Guide

1 Dec , 2015  

Search Engines are becoming smarter day by day, online marketers are also trying hard to list their websites in top positions using SEO and other digital marketing methods. There are some simple SEO techniques that would directly affect your search rankings, and one of them is Image Optimization.



Visuals play a major role in digital marketing, website without images is like lifeless entity. We all know that content is powerful, and when content is represented in form of image or supported by an image then it is immensely powerful. So always try to integrate images in your online marketing, website, social media promotions, etc. Images are also very important for boosting SEO of your website.


Image Optimization is the process of optimizing images in the website and is the most important on-page SEO factor that has great influence on the search rankings. Perfectly optimized images can showcase the content you want to deliver in a single glance. Let’s check out the image optimization factors.


Image Relevancy

When image optimization is done for good search rankings and to increase SEO strength, then image relevancy to the content is quite essential. Always include images that represent and are relevant to your content.


Alt Tag

Alt Tag is the most important factor of image optimization. Search Engines cannot read images or videos, so images are not seen by the search engines. Alt Tag would describe your image to the search engine and it’s quite crucial to describe the image properly. Include targeted keywords in the Alt Tag, make it short descriptive and never stuff it with the keywords.

<img src=”digital-marketing.jpg” alt=”Digital Marketing Services” width=”50” height=”50”>



Having random filenames for the images is not recommended in terms of SEO. Search Engines also crawl through the filename, and looks for keywords in filenames. It’s beneficial to name your images with relevant keywords that would boost SEO strength.

Example: digital-marketing.jpg , seo-factors-guide.png


Image Size

For better user experience, website loading time should be as low as possible; images with large sizes would slow down the loading speed of the website. So, make sure that image sizes are in low bytes.


Image Format

On internet, mostly JPG, JPEG and PNG images are found and they are the basic standard formats to follow. These type of images have good image quality with low size. So, prefer JPG and PNG files for your website.


Image Linking

When you are trying to link a content/article to the image, there are some tweaks that has to be remembered. Firstly, check whether the image is relevant to the content for which it has to be linked. Secondly, filename of the image should include the keyword related to web page. And lastly, Alt Tag should have the targeted keyword, otherwise it is recommended to have the title tag of the linked page as the alt attribute.


Image optimization is the simplest yet effective way to strengthen SEO of your website. Follow this guide and let us know what all matters for your website.

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