Is Pagerank Dead?


Is Google Pagerank Dead?

4 May , 2015  

Before knowing whether pagerank is dead or not, let’s know what is pagerank in detail. Pagerank is the initial algorithm developed by the Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Initially, the Google ranked the webpages according to the relevancy and each page was given a rank and that ranking system is called pagerank (PR). The website would have a pagerank from n/a, 0-10. Where n/a means Not Available and 0-10 where 0 being least and 10 being the highest.



Simply, we can say that using PageRank Google determines the importance of the webpage and is also one of the most important SEO factors to rank the websites in the search results.


How Pagerank is Measured?


According to Page and Brin’s theory, importance of the page is determined by the number of pages leading to that particular page; and at the end importance is estimated to be the pagerank. Each link to the page is casted a vote according to the pagerank algorithm, so having as many as relevant links pointing towards your page is beneficiary.  Moreover, websites with higher pagerank have more weightage in their votes compared to the website with low pagerank.

For Example, If website A is having PR 7 and website B is having PR 1, when they are pointing their links to website C, both the sites A & B have casted a vote to website C; but when compared to website B, vote of A has higher priority and more weightage.

pagerank explanation

Pagerank Functioning Explained


Is Pagerank Really Dead?


Google and Googlers were always giving us hints that pagerank doesn’t matter anymore for ranking on top in the search results, so its time to understand. Most of the SEO professionals till now go around the pagerank and try to increase it by buying or selling links and mostly gaining links from high authority sites. Let’s consider some of the realities and finally get to the reality.

  • PageRank data has been removed from the webmasters in 2009.
  • Not many updates of the pagerank algorithm was released as the time passed.
  • Pagerank was never added to their Chrome browser, if it was really important in the point of Google then there was no need of 3rd party add-on to know the Pagerank
  • Matt Cutts statement saying that “I would be surprised if that happened”, when asked about pagerank update before 2014.


  • Matt Cutts also states that, Google pagerank is broken and Google is not interested to fix it. Pipeline is the updated information about pagerank that is sent to the toolbars.
  • Matt Cutts, once said, “the reason why they (Google) still have it (PageRank) is not because SEOs use it but rather because searchers and users still use it to determine how “reputable” a website is.
  • Googler John Mueller says, Google will never update PageRank again.
  • In 2013, Pagerank algorithm was not updated for 10 consecutive months, which is a big downfall when compared to previous updates release.
  • After December 6, 2013 update; pagerank was not updated till 14 straight months. This indicates that updates have been stopped.

Image Source: MySiteAuditor

  • Google understands that Pagerank has become leverage area for SEO professionals to get quality links, probably in a spammy way. Spammy in the sense buying and selling high PR links.




Looking at all these, we can clearly assume that Pagerank is Dead. John Mueller says, “I wouldn’t use PageRank or links as a metric. We’ve last updated PageRank more than a year ago (as far as I recall) and have no plans to do further updates. Think about what you want users to do on your site, and consider an appropriate metric for that.” So think about what users would like to receive from you and your website, that would be more beneficial and even sensible, instead of running for higher pageranks.

Source: MySiteAuditor

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