Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

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Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

22 Jun , 2016  

While starting a new website, the first and most crucial decision to choose a right domain name. The domain name impacts whole performance of the website, in complete online marketing, SEO and also in social media marketing. Choosing a perfect domain name for any business is a brainstorming task. Domain name is your unique identity on Web, make sure you choose apt name that fits your business and is also easy to promote.



Check out these tips, which would help you choose perfect domain name



When you plan to start a website, think about words that are relevant to your business. List such kind of words and then you can add other keywords as prefix or suffix and make good domain name. For example, if your business is about interior designing; then you can think of words like: interiors, decors, house, design and decoration.


Easy to Type

For online success, think of a name that is easy to type. Don’t include words that have multiple spellings (like express and xpress) and words whose spellings are kind of difficult to remember by a layman.



On web there are uncountable domains, so having a memorable and catchy domain name is a must. While marketing, it should be easy for users to remember the name and pass it on through word-of-mouth. When domain appears on Web (in SERP’s), when users see, it has to be easier to read and also remember.



Domain name should be mostly relevant to your business. If someone encounters with your website for the first time, they should get an idea about your services or products or purpose of the website.



As we have already discussed that domain name has to be unique and relevant, it’s wise to research whether your domain name is already present on web or not. Make sure that your domain name isn’t copyright of any other company. Also take care that your domain name shouldn’t be similar to any other renowned site on Web, this would confuse your audience; so research deeply.


Short is Best

Lengthy domain names have a disadvantage, users may get confused and mistype your domain name even though they remember your domain name. Always keep it simple and short.


Be Unique

Every business wishes to be unique and outstanding from all other competitors. Stand out by choosing a unique and impressive domain name. Also make sure that your audience doesn’t confuse your domain with any other popular website.


Pick Right Extension

Domain name extensions are .com .net .co and so on.  Give maximum preference to .com extension, as people type .com by default and moreover 75% of websites on the web are .com. And also make sure that extension is appropriate and relevant for your business.


Target your Region

If your business is local business, try to incorporate your region in the domain name. This would help your targeted local customers to remember your domain easily.


Include Keyword

Having a prominent and targeted keyword of your business in the domain name is very beneficial in ranking your website in SERP’s. Firstly, analyze your business and list which keywords are prominent for your business and try adding it to your brand name or domain name which you thought of as a prefix or suffix. For example: Your business is “Modern Interiors and Decors” domain can be or


Avoid Numbers & Hyphen

Always avoid including numbers and hyphens in the domain name, this would create confusion for your users. For example: if your domain name is “” and audience has heard your domain name and wanted to find on Web, there are 90% chances user could type “”, which is wrong domain. So, avoid these confusions by ignoring numbers and also hyphens.


These are some of the tips to choose right domain name. The key points are brainstorming is vital, keep it simple, relevant and unique. After thinking of a domain name share it with your friends and family,  take feedback and opinions; this would surely help and give you idea whether that domain name would be successful or not. If you have some other tips, share it with us.


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