10 Tips for Successful Google Plus Page

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10 Tips for Successful Google Plus Page

15 Oct , 2015  

Google My Business, is great marketing opportunity that can’t be missed by any marketing professional, small business owners, brands and by an individual blogger too. A simple yet effective Google Plus page can introduce your brand to your customers, redefines your presence on Google and also boosts up your Google search rankings. It is great way to represent your brand in an professional way to your customers, clients and fellow competitors.



Creating Google Plus Page is quite simple, but managing can be little difficult. Let’s discuss 10 Tips for a Successful Google+ Page.



Always choose the correct category, that suits your business the best, this allows users and even Google to understand what kind of business is yours. There are three categories to choose from:

  • Storefront
  • Service Area
  • Brand


google+ page categories

Google+ Page Categories


About Us

Google Plus About Us, should briefly describe your business. Google Page will be indexed in Google search, so having relevant content in about us would increase the chances of showing up the page in search results and also helps in attracting new audience.

About Us includes a Tagline, where you can describe your brand in one line. Be creative and always remember to grab audience attention. Then comes, Introduction where in you can include brief summary about your business services, products and merits. Contact information, is also important; so include your email address, phone number in the contact details section. Always keep in mind, when you provide genuine information only, audience will trust in your brand and services.

GOOGLE Plus Page About Us


Here comes another important segment of the page. Google+ URL is the unique URL address that has to be modified according to your brand, so having brand name in the URL is recommended. If your brand name is already taken, you can add your target keyword in the URL. Then comes your Website URL, never forget to mention your website address in the allocated section.

Google+ also provides special fragment, where you can include social links. That directs your audience to different channels where you are active on. So take up the chance and include all the accounts that you are active on and you can also include other webpages that are essential.

Google Plus LInks

Profile & Cover Photo

It is recommended to have your business logo as the profile picture and coming to cover photo be creative and create an image that has strong visual impact on the viewers. Make sure that quality of the image is good and you also follow the standard image dimensions.

google+ page cover & profile photo

Post Regularly

Do regular updates on the page regarding your business, about services, products, offers, discounts and other interesting information.  This would help your Google Plus page to interact with the audience and also convey the message.  So,  do regular updates!


Optimized Content

The major advantage of being on Google+ is that it is directly connected to Google, and your posts on page may also get listed in search results. Therefore, whatever you post on Google Plus make sure that it is optimized according to your targeted keywords. Before posting anything, initially analyse the purpose of the post, list out some keywords and then publish optimized content. This would increase your brand’s search engine visibility.


Use #Hashtags

There is enormous content on Google+ that is related to your subject, relevant to your business and trending topics too, the best way to increase the engagement is to get connected through #hashtags and use relevant hashtags in your content.  


Visual Posts

Images and videos have greater engagement, than any other media. So try to share more images that are visually good and directly or indirectly supports your business. If you are running any kind of campaign, promote using images and short videos and do share them on Google+.


Keep Following

Influencers and Clients are power entities to get connected, so follow them and build a social relation. Which would lead to profitable returns and also lets you to showcase your services. Following potential customers on Google+ is also not harmful, talk to your customers, answer their queries and even follow them.    


Other Relevant Content

Always sharing your content is not the wise thing, try to share content from other resources that is related to your business, this way you are educating your customers and building a trust. When you provide great thoughts and useful content, customers and clients come back to your page for more and more; therefore you are building a brand too.  


These were 10 tips for a successful Google Business page, these simple steps would bring drastic change in the performance of the page, and also have a strong impact on Google search results and mainly on your audience.

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