11 Strategic Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

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11 Strategic Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

19 Jun , 2016  

Twitter is extremely potential social platform for any brand, business, firm or even a celebrity; to build up their user base(follower base) and communicate with them effectively. It may look pretty complicated for the people who don’t know how to use it right, but for those who manage effectively; they can encounter enormous changes in their branding.



Initially to build strong Twitter profile; having a proper and genuine account, tweeting some promotional tweets and following some of the business related professionals/brands is good enough. But these  activities are not enough to increase your reach and engagement with your followers. So,  what are the best ways to increase Twitter engagement? In this article, we share some tips that are simple yet effective.


Promoting Yourself

Let your targeted customers know your presence on Twitter by promoting twitter handle wherever possible. Promoting your twitter handle would not only increase your follower base but also gives your customers more socialized platform to interact with your brand. Advertise your handle on your website (Having Twitter follow button), blog, other social platforms, email signature, company prospectus and other influential areas.


Wise Usage of Limited Chars

Twitter bio can be written in 160 chars, make complete use of it. In short describe your business/brand using relevant hashtags and optimized content. Coming to tweet you have 140 chars to present your content, so be wise in  choosing your words. Tweet has to be optimized, short, impressive and informative. Tweets with less chars have more engagement, as users can retweet and add up their own content.


Retweet is Best Way to Reach Loads

Always find easier yet effective ways to reach your audience and leave positive impact on them. One of ways is to follow the industry professionals and influencers and retweet their tweets, doing which you can get in connect with new audience and increase your credibility.


Proper Usage of Hashtags

Hashtags are helpful to increase your reach and engagement rate. Initially you need to list out hashtags that are relevant and appropriate to your business promotional content. Include two or three relevant hashtags in one tweet and not more than that. Usage of proper hashtags will project your tweets not only to the followers but also to the targeted audience (who are non-followers) which increases the engagement rate and also reach.


Embed Tweets

Twitter allows to embed your tweets to other web sources, make maximum use of it by embedding them to your website or blog content or on other social platforms.


Being Proactive

Twitter is great platform to speak up to your customers so, when they are talking about your business, be active to participate in their conversation and also give quick responses to their messages,  tweets or questions. Being proactive will leave a positive impact on your targeted customers.


Attention Grabbing Images

Tweets with images drive more engagement and retweets. Include images that speak up, which are attention grabbing, optimized, well designed and relevant to your business.

Shortened Links

Promotional tweets which links to your website/blog is always advisable, but always include shorten links. Doing this you can save some chars and tweets also look much tidy.


Increasing Influencers 

Having huge number of followers for your brand is not enough, instead your brand needs good number of users with whom you can have conversations with and those who can influence your brand growth. Initially follow the most influential people in your area of expertise. Try to engage with their tweets and start a conversation, which would gradually lead to word of mouth advertising.

Have Eye on Competitors

Initially, researching on what content works on twitter and which kind of content is shared by your competitors helps to kick start your twitter profile. Make a list of activities done by your competitors on twitter, pick out positives aspects in it and make your own strategy that would stand out.


Analytics are always beneficial

Twitter Analysis knows more about your twitter page than you do. So its wise to measure and observe the analytics data and drag out some important figures that shows how your followers are reacting to your tweets, which kind of tweets are performing well, impressions, engagement rate and much more . Using this data you can improvise your marketing strategy and reach more and more audiences.


These 11 powerful tactics would help you gain strong impact on your customers through your twitter profile and also increase engagement tremendously in short span of time.

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