5 Ways to Boost SEO of your Facebook Page

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5 Ways to Boost SEO of your Facebook Page

24 Aug , 2015  

Businesses and Brands are moving onto Facebook marketing in order to increase the customer relationship, which is the great asset for any business in customer interaction and service point of view. Even customers are looking forward to connect with the brands using Facebook, which provides them ease to talk to the brand and keeps them updated.



Well, it’s clear that users can search for your services anywhere; for example they might look for your facebook business page on Google. Perfectly optimized facebook pages rank in search results. Is your Facebook Business Page visible in the search results?


There are many ways to optimize facebook page SEO, lets check out the 5 simple ways to boost SEO of Facebook Page:


Page Name

Most basic step to optimize your Facebook page is to have a perfect name for your page. Page names are seen as Title tag by the search engines, that means page names will be shown in the search results. Don’t stuff keywords in the page name, be official and let it be your business name. Which would be both professional and relevant.


Keywords in Descriptions

Now, SEO works on keywords isn’t, Facebook also provides prominent places where you can talk about your business/product and integrate some keywords to increase the SEO strength of the page. Some of the opportunities are as follows:

About: Facebook page about section is the great place to speak about your business,and also include some of the targeted keywords which increases the SEO strength of the page. Make sure that you include the complete company details, in both short and long description.

Optimized Status: Every Time you post on your Facebook page, see that you target at least one keyword in the description of the post, this is vital because Google indexes page posts  also. Having keywords in the posts, is like building the SEO strength in the smarter way, but remember don’t stuff the keywords.


Include Contact Details

Google gives priority to the pages that include complete & genuine business information, so don’t miss out on the little things like phone number and address. Include the website address, phone number and address in the facebook page in the “Page Info” section, which would increase your brand’s SEO.


Vanity URL

Vanity URL is the customized URL, that can be set once the Facebook page is created. Facebook gives the unique URL for every page, that contains series of numbers; instead of numbers we can set a customized URL, that should contain your business name. Playing smart and including one keyword in the URL is smarter way to highlight both business name and target keyword in the Facebook Page URL, in short this will strengthen your Facebook Page SEO


Building Links

Mentioning about your Facebook page on different other channels is way of building strength to the page. Other channels can be anything like your business website, other social platforms, your email signature and many other platforms. So to increase SEO of the page, talk about the page wherever possible.


These are the 5 quick steps to increase Facebook Page SEO, these methods will not only increase your search ranking but also very crucial to increase the likes/followers and page performance. Share your views about Facebook Page SEO, Comment below!

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