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8 Tips for Successful Twitter Page for Business

28 Apr , 2015  

Twitter has huge number of influencers to get hold on for growth of your business, and it is greater marketing platform for any business. Did you know, for every second around 6,000 tweets are being tweeted that sums up to 350,000 tweets per minute. so you can imagine the scale of opportunity you get, therefore no company should ignore this marketing platform at all.



So, having a perfect twitter profile and good number of followers is must, right? To have good number of followers and to engage with followers and exhibit your brand, having a perfect twitter profile is mandatory. Having a professional twitter is simple, there are few essential things that has to be taken into picture. Let’s have a look at them one by one:


Twitter Handle:

It is the unique username by which your brand is identified on twitter and it appears with each and every tweet you do. Always avoid unofficial and unprofessional handles, and also make it relevant.

  • Make it simple and always include your brand name in the handle.
  • Don’t use many numbers, unless it is mandatory

Examples for perfect handles: @mashable, @neilpatel, @socialmedia2day


Profile Photo:

Even your profile photo appears wherever you try to engage and tweet, so always remember to project your brand. It is recommended to have your business logo and something that represents your business.

  • Twitter profile photo size should be 400×400 pixels.
  • It should be clear and has to be of high quality
  • Make sure that photo should be readable in any size.
  • Avoid having human faces/animals in the profile photo, unless it is mandatory for your brand.



When someone visits your profile to know about your brand, you have only 140 characters to define your brand in the bio section. The bio is displayed in the profile on right side below your profile picture.

    • Make it simple and creative
    • Include your brand strengths and purposes
    • Include your business targeted keywords, as it will be helpful to pick up your brand when someone is searching for similar ones like yours.


Cover Photo:

Twitter cover photo gives your brand an extra space to exhibit your services in a creative manner. So use that space creatively to attract the customers and even to convey brand’s purpose.

  • Twitter cover photo size should be 1500×500 pixels.
  • The image quality should be good and should be clear
  • Try to promote your services or have your brand theme as the cover.


tips for twitter business page



Use Hashtags:

Hashtags are more or less keywords, using which people can get tweets that are tagged under one hashtag. For example, by reading a tweet having #socialmedia hashtag in it, by clicking on the hashtag, they can find all the tweets that are included with #socialmedia tag, even though they are not following the person who has tweeted it.

So, use the hashtags in a strategic way, by including popular hashtags that relate to your business, by which you can reach larger audience beyond your followers.


Advertise your Twitter Account:

Sometimes your customers may be more comfortable to follow on twitter as they can interact with your brand in more socialised way. So, let people know that your presence on twitter by advertising on your website, banners and other official exhibits of your business; and telling them to follow you on twitter.


Follow the Influencers:

Twitter is meant to follow and let people follow you, so first step should be taken by you. To get noticed by your audience or targeted customers, come into limelight by following the most influential people in your area of expertise. Try to engage with their tweets and make your mark on your targeted audience (who are actually following the influencer).


Follow your Customers:

Twitter is one of great places to talk to your customers, for which you need to get connected first. When you start advertising your twitter account on various platforms( like websites), customers start following and tries to start the conversation also. So always remember to: Reply to your customers and even follow each and every customer that tries to engage with your brand. This increases the loyal bonding with your customers which is worth following.


Twitter marketing can be successful by simply following and interacting with your customers, followers and influencers. These are mandatory things that you cannot ignore, to make a mark. Further there are many ways to get more followers and different strategies to use twitter as a greater marketing platform. so stay tuned.


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