9 Successful Ways to Use Tweetdeck | Every Twitter Marketer Should Know

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9 Successful Ways to Use Tweetdeck | Every Twitter Marketer Should Know

10 Mar , 2017  

Social Media marketers struggle to manage multiple social accounts of multiple clients, don’t they? The only way to make their work easy and save time is to use social media management tools. Well, there are plenty of tools that would maximize your time, allowing you to manage multiple accounts and providing you with various opportunities to grow.



When we talk about managing multiple Twitter accounts, there is no other tool better than: TweetDeck.

TweetDeck is the Twitter’s own management tool that allows you to manage unlimited Twitter accounts and stay connected to your network. TweetDeck has been under-rated often, but it has been evolving and providing greater opportunities to grow your presence on Twitter.



Let’s see, What all TweetDeck can offer and how can we make the best use of it.

9 Successful Ways To Use Tweetdeck | Every Twitter Marketer Should Know

TweetDeck is primarily used to manage multiple Twitter accounts, using Tweetdeck users can tweet, retweet, favorite, manage lists, schedule their tweets, watch on timeline, manage different columns, add multiple users and also add the team to work collaboratively.

Above all, TweetDeck is absolutely Free, you can avail every feature of this amazing tool without paying a penny.


Browse Columns

Homepage of TweetDeck has been segregated into various columns like: Home, Notification, Messages, Activity and more. These columns can be customized as your per need. Column view makes it easier to manage various sections of Twitter without any chaos.

9 Successful Ways to Use Tweetdeck

TweetDeck – Browse Columns


Tweet, Retweet, Favorite & Message

Similar to web version of Twitter, using Tweetdeck you can Tweet and also send a direct message. For tweeting and messaging you need to click on “New Tweet” icon on left top corner of webpage.

9 Successful Ways to Use Tweetdeck

TweetDeck – Tweeting


In columns you can find tweets done by your network, you can favorite, retweet and make various operations on tweets done by your network.

9 Successful Ways to Use Tweetdeck

TweetDeck – Operations


Manage Multiple Accounts

Biggest asset of TweetDeck is it allows you manage multiple twitter accounts on one single platform. Adding another account is quite simple, find “Accounts” on left menu and click on it. Here you will find “Join Another Team”, enter the handle and authorize the account to access on TweetDeck. In the same way, you can add various Twitter accounts of your clients.

9 Successful Ways to Use Tweetdeck

TweetDeck – Add Accounts

Power Tip: When you are looking forward to manage various clients’ Twitter profiles through TweetDeck, choose your Admin account wisely.

Realtime Streaming

One of the interesting and beneficial feature that attracts every Twitter user, is TweetDeck Live streaming of new Tweets in the “Home” column. To enable this feature, just go to “Settings” at bottom of left menu, enable “Stream Tweets in Realtime”.

9 Successful Ways to Use Tweetdeck

TweetDeck – Live Streaming

Scheduling Tweets

When you are working from 9-5 for clients, being available always to tweet at prime times is not quite possible, isn’t? Similar to other prominent social media managing tools like Hootsuite, Buffer; this tool also provides scheduling feature, using which you can easily schedule your tweets at  the right times.

9 Successful Ways to Use Tweetdeck

TweetDeck – Schedule Tweets


Manage Columns

Columns can be customized, Tweetdeck gives various options, that can be adjusted as per your usage and relevancy. To add a new column, find “Add Column” on left menu and click on it, Tool gives various options to choose from. Moreover you can rearrange the position of the column as per your priority, this can be done by just dragging the whole column horizontally.

9 Successful Ways to Use Tweetdeck

TweetDeck – Manage Columns


Power Search

TweetDeck provides powerful search options, you can search for tweets, users, hashtags and make advanced search using Search Operands. Search feature can be very useful, for example if someone is tweeting about your product or service, you can simply search and know. Using this feature, you can also keep an eye on your competitors’ tweets.

9 Successful Ways to Use Tweetdeck

TweetDeck – Search


Create Collections

TweetDeck enables a special feature, wherein you can create collections of important tweets. To create Collections, you need start a new “Collections” column, name it and add description. You can also embed these collections onto your website, for your audiences to view your best tweets.

9 Successful Ways to Use Tweetdeck

TweetDeck – Collections

Managing Lists

Using Twitter lists you can follow profiles according to your interests and follow specific topics, which makes it easy for being updated. Using TweetDeck you can create, edit and manage your lists.



So, that was glimpse of TweetDeck’s amazing features. Explore this Twitter management tool for managing one or more Twitter accounts and save your time. Let us know, what you think about TweetDeck, in the comment section below.

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