Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

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Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

10 Oct , 2015  

Businesses always look for opportunities to grow in every possible way. In digital era, there are ample options to grow and build a strong customer base. There are many digital platforms that can contribute for your business growth in every aspect, and Social Media platforms are one of them. When Social Media is added onto your marketing strategies, it becomes little difficult to manage the profiles and mainly to choose the right platform that benefits your business.



How Social Media Platforms can be Beneficial?

  • Increases your Reach
  • Introduces your business to new audience
  • Enables you to talk to your customers
  • Directs traffic to your website
  • Increases your brand’s search visibility
  • Allows you to respond to your customer feedback quickly
  • Establishes your brand to be proactive and prompt

Having Social Presence can’t be beneficial if you fail to manage the accounts properly. To manage the profiles you need to allocate some resources, manpower and quality time. Let’s discuss which social media platforms can matter to your business the most.


Social Media Platforms that Can’t be Ignored:



Facebook is the Only Social platform that has enormous reach and about 2,931 Million active users in first two quarters of 2015, So you can imagine the huge amount of attention you can gain which can’t be ignored. Create a business page, make sure that it is perfectly optimized and share your business related information, interesting stuff, offers, discounts, products and more.

Having a page is not enough, daily updates and building engagement with fans is must. Share any content relevant to your business, images, videos and links. To be in contact with your audience post updates once or twice in a day. Having a successful Facebook page would gain leads, traffic to your website and most importantly long lasting loyal customers.



Twitter is the most happening and active social platform, for the fact that 6000 tweets are being tweeted in every single second. You can imagine the amount of engagement and conversations happening. Before going onto Twitter, initially you need to identify your potential audience and then get connected through your official twitter account.

Twitter is the great way to maintain good customer-centric relations, you can directly talk to them, reply to their queries and also review their feedback. Don’t miss out this social platform!

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Linkedin is a professional social network, where business professionals, companies and job seekers come together. This social platform lays out greater opportunities for B2B companies to enhance their business and build quality relations with customers as well as clients. Create a professional business page on Linkedin and introduce your services or products to the potential customers.

Sometimes, your business need not to be on Linkedin but as a business owner or as a responsible professional towards your brand, you have to be on Linkedin and take up the ownership. Doing which, you will be introduced to the rest of the network and even take up chance to build up your network, your business reputation as well as online establishment.



Unfortunately, many business owners and brands ignore Google+ / Google My Business; and many fail to understand that being on Google+ not only adds as social platform but also enriches your presence on Google Search. Every business tries hard to list on Google search, creating a Google+ page enriches your business search result. When user searches for your business, a rich media result will be displayed that includes business name, website address, location details, timings, reviews and much more. Always remember to include all the details in the business page, be active on the page and try to optimize it wisely.

Social Media for Business

Rich Media Content taken from Google+ Business Page


Social Media Platforms that may be Skipped:



Youtube is second largest search engine and prominent because Google lists these videos in search results. If your business can market through small videos, go for it. Make videos related to your products & services, that are less than 2 minutes with interesting and shareable content. Don’t forget to optimize the videos with proper titles, description and keywords.



Businesses related to fashion, furniture, interior designs, health, beauty, decors, crafts, clothing and many more as such may get immense benefits from Pinterest. It is image based social media platform, where you can share images related to your products and grab users attention towards your brand.



Instagram active users are less than 29 years, so if your target audience falls under that age group; consider Instagram in your business marketing strategy. It gives a great scope to attract your audience using amazing images, and we all know images have more impact than any other media online.



Tumblr is another visual network, that proves to be very effective for business related to fashion and businesses that are image driven. For small businesses, Tumblr can be little issue, it takes time to reach that mark but giving a try is never harmful. Firstly analyze whether your business can deliver great content on this social platform or not. If yes, go for it with proper plan and share great content; ultimately content matters the most.


So, these were Social Media Platforms every business should consider and make lot out of it. Are you planning to include Social Media in your marketing strategy, Go for it, be creative and interactive. Share your views on this, in comment section below.


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