Effective Ways to Boost SEO of Twitter Account

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Effective Ways to Boost SEO of Twitter Account

24 Sep , 2015  

Social Media, we know it’s very important for every kind of business and brand. Social platforms provides great opportunity to engage with customers, maintain good relations with clients and most importantly to build your brand. SEO and Social Media working together can create stronger impact on your audience. Well, that raises a question: Does Social Media have an impact on SEO?


Social Media and SEO have always been tied up together in the digital marketing strategy and implementation. Google has shown social profiles of the brands in the search results; which widens the visibility of the brand in every possible way. So, having Social Media profiles that are perfectly optimized for SEO is like cherry on the cake.


When we consider recent tie up between Twitter and Google, we can say that yes; Twitter does impact on SEO. Tweets now appear on Google search results, in a beneficial way for both users and brands. After this deal also, you need to remember two things: first, having more followers on twitter will not increase the search rankings and secondly tweeting daily wouldn’t fetch you more search traffic.   


Twitter SEO Tips


Having optimized twitter profile in terms of SEO would boost up visibility in Google search and even in Twitter search. So Let’s get started:


Name & Handle


In whichever case, Name can’t be ignored! Twitter provides two places to position your brand/business name: Profile Name & Handle (Username).  

Name and Handle should be your Business Name, claiming the authenticity. If your business name is taken in handle (handle has to be unique), it is recommended to add a keyword in the handle.




Including website in the Twitter page is the simplest thing which can be done, that portrays your originality, optimizes your profile & links to your website.




160 characters space provided by twitter to shout about your business/brand, impress your audience and even to optimize; Pretty tough, isn’t? Always remember that, Bio is searchable both on Twitter and Google; it can be pulled out for listing.


Remember to describe your business in brief, include one or two keywords in form of hashtags and call-to-actions to grab your audience attention.
Twitter Profile Example
Usage of Keywords


Website’s SEO rely on keywords, in the same way Twitter relies on Hashtags; In twitter hashtags are keywords. Use your prominent keywords as hashtags, wherever possible. Remember not to stuff your tweets with the hashtags, it’s optimal to have up to 3 hashtags in single tweet.   




When it comes to SEO and Social Media, Content cannot be ignored. Obviously, the content you share should be interesting and educate your audience about your business. Share different types of content like: text, link, image and even videos. This would help your business reach audience quickly and even impress search engines.


Quick Tips

  • Have your Business name has your Twitter Profile Name
  • Include the website address
  • Let handle(username) be short and don’t stuff keywords
  • Don’t include any numbers in the twitter handle
  • Don’t stuff keywords or hashtags in the Bio
  • Make your tweets interesting
  • Use your targeted keywords as hashtags
  • Do not include more than 3 hashtags in single tweet

Optimizing the Twitter profile is quite simple, when you follow these simple things. Now, is your Twitter account perfectly optimized? What are you waiting for, optimize your account and share your views in the comment section below.

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