Facebook’s New Page Layout 2016 | Things You Should Know About

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Facebook’s New Page Layout 2016 | Things You Should Know About

5 Aug , 2016  

Facebook has rolled out yet another change, this time Facebook Page Layout has totally changed for desktops, and it is pretty noticeable! Facebook Pages has a brand new look, with new navigation and clean design. There’s nothing to worry about, all the elements are present but they are just re-organized. Check out the new layout:

Facebook’s New Page Layout 2016

If you manage a Facebook Page, you might have definitely noticed the change. Let’s get a quick sneak peek on the new layout.


Profile Picture is moved to Top

Profile picture is placed on the left-top corner, little bigger in size with cleaner appearance. This time profile picture is not overlapping the cover photo, which is good.



Cleaner Cover Photo

Facebook page admins always face little struggle in designing the cover image, regarding the placement of important elements on the cover. Now, you can get creative with the cover page and use complete space. Image size remains same, 828 x 315 pixels. If you have created your cover pic keeping profile picture in mind, you can think again and re-design the cover pic; as profile picture will not interfere the cover anymore.


Easy Navigation

New Layout is more easy to navigate compared to the previous one, as you can see sections like: About, Likes, Photos, Posts and Videos are placed below the profile picture. You can still manage the tabs as per your requirement, simply clicking on “Manage Tabs”.


Bigger Call-to-Action

One of the prominent changes is that call-to-action button is much bigger and more visible. CTA button is always beneficial, as it provokes page visitor to take an action like book now, shop now, contact, send message or sign-up. You can simply change your call-to-action by clicking on “Edit Button”.


Like, Message & Other Buttons have New Positions

Similar to tabs; Like, Message and other buttons have be re-positioned under the cover page alongside call-to-action button.


About Us is moved Down

About has been shifted to right sidebar below category, search bar and likes section. Which is visible to the visitor only when they scroll down.  


Quick intakes for Facebook Page Admins:

  • Cover Photo should be clean, attractive and obviously with good content; as it is the first thing visible to page visitor.
  • Profile picture dimensions should be 170×170 pixels, have a good quality and optimized image
  • Have appropriate call-to-action button, that is suitable for your page. As it is more visible now, make fullest use of it.
  • Arrangement of tabs on left-side should be optimized, as every single tab on your page is visible now.
  • About section should be optimized with complete business and contact details.
  • Apps tab is appeared on right side below (while complete list is visible on left-sidebar), highlight three important apps as they are visible along with the images.


Facebook’s New Page Layout 2016


We loved the new layout, it is more clean, highlighting the important sections and with easy navigation. What do you think? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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