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How to Create Google+ Business Page in 5 Simple Steps

11 May , 2015  

Social Media is a place where your customers love to see you and even interact with your brand, Are you on all the prominent social platforms? Now, when we say prominent social profiles, first thing comes into mind is Facebook and Twitter, isn’t? But now Google+ is not at all lagging back. Google+ Brand Pages are giving ample opportunities for businesses to project themselves, connect with their customers and build quality long-lasting relationships.



Till October 2013, Google+ had about 300 Million monthly active users, and till date there are more than that indeed. So having an engaging Google+ page, attracts your customers in a smarter way.

If your brand is still not on Google+, are you ready to get started? Let’s check out 5 simple steps to create Google+ Page for Business.


Choose an accessible Gmail Account:


To create a Google+ Page for Business, you just need an active gmail account, by which you can simply create the page. As it is going to be the official business page, don’t use your personal or old gmail ID; instead use a professional active email ID ( For Example: “” ). Using official gmail account will be beneficial, when you are trying add more managers for your page and even when you are trying to engage, it looks professional.


Create the Page:


To get started, there are two ways: one is to visit directly and another is to sign into your google+ account and then click on “Pages”, as shown in the below picture:


How to create google+ page 1


Next is the most important step is, to choose the category of your business page. Always choose the correct category, that suits your business the best, this allows users and even Google to understand what kind of business. There are three categories to choose from:

  • Storefront
  • Service Area
  • Brand


How to create google+ page 2


After selecting the category, fill in the important details like: Page Name, Website and type of the Page. If you are selecting storefront and service area category, first you need to select the local address on the Google map to link you local business to your Google+ page.


How to create google+ page 3


Customize the Page:


After filling up the main details, next interesting part is to customize your google+ business page, that is just created! Some of the profile basics that has to be customized includes : profile photo, cover photo, contact information, verifying the website, adding the introduction and tagline.


1. Profile Photo:

Have an attractive profile photo that defines your business, either your business logo or any image that represents your business. The optimal size of the image should be 250 x 250 pixels.

2. Cover Photo:

Cover photo makes your business page more attractive and also gives your business an extra space to impress your customers and even project your brand. See through that, you be creative with your cover photo and let the size of the picture be 1080 x 608 pixels.


How to create google+ page


3. Introduction:

Simply, tell your story in the introduction. Every visitor to your Google+ page tries to know about you, so include your introduction, talk about your services and ultimately tell what you are and what you do.

4. Tagline:

Google+ Pages allows businesses to add a 10-word tagline, that describes your business and even grabs user attention, make it creative.


How to create google+ page


5. Contact Information:

Customers will reach your business, only when you include your contact information; like email address, website address, phone number and other social profile links. So, never miss a chance!


How to create google+ page


6. Verify your Website:

With a perfect Google+ page, you can also show up in Google search results and gain organic traffic too. Verifying the website is quite easy, by just linking website through Webmaster Tools and it can be done only when you have the admin access to the webmasters.


Start Promoting your Page:


Once your Google+ business page is ready, its time to tell everyone about your presence. Before doing that, make sure that your page has some good engaging & valuable content, posts and updates; because no one would like follow an empty page. After that, promote on your website and other areas about your presence on Google+ and even tell your mates and invite them to your page. Seeing the completely build page along with valuable content, people would love to add you to their circles.


Finally, Get Going!


Once your business page is completely build on Google+, the only way to stay connected to your customers is to share valuable content and updates. Optimize your page dailly and like every social media platform, be updated, share fresh content and talk to your customers. Having a strong Google+ page can be a major contributor for lead generation.


So, Is your brand present on Google+, if not Get Started Now !!

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