How to Set Up a Shop Section on Facebook Page

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How to Set Up a Shop Section on Facebook Page

6 Aug , 2016  

Facebook has been providing many opportunities for small businesses and even brands to grow online and stay connected to their followers/customers through Business Pages. If your business is product-based, Facebook provides a great way to showcase your products online through Shop Section on Facebook Page.



Simply, you need to set up Shop on your business page and include your products. Setting up a shop, would allow your customers browse products on their mobiles and buy directly through Facebook, isn’t great. Check out simple ways to set up Shop on Facebook Page for your Business.


Add Shop Section

Firstly, check whether you have access to shop or not; for that simply go to your Facebook page, in left sidebar below “Manage Tabs” you’ll find “Shop Section”. Get started by clicking on “Add Shop Section”.


Shop Section on Facebook Page


Selecting the Currency

Once you click on Add Shop Section, you need to select the Currency. This is displayed when the products are tagged with prices.


Shop Section on Facebook Page


Shop Tab is Created

Below Profile picture, under other tabs “Shop” tab is created. Click on the tab and add products to get started.


Shop Section on Facebook Page



Now, give a brief description about the products that you sell. Optimize the content and make it precise as you have only 200 characters. Remember not to include any kind of HTML code, phone numbers, email addresses or any other kind of unwanted text.


Shop Section on Facebook Page


Add Products

Adding products is very simple, Firstly click on “Add Products” where you will find a dialogue box asking for product details. Enter the name of the product, price, description and of course product image or video.


Here you are provided with two options: Featuring Products and Sharing the Products. Selecting featuring product, Facebook would list that particular product on top of the page and listed first in the shop, up to ten products can be selected as featured products. Sharing Products option would share the product on your page timeline as soon as you add the product.


Shop Section on Facebook Page


Reviewing the Products

Once you add the first product, they are processed by the Facebook team. Once products are reviewed, they are displayed to your customers on your page.


Shop Section on Facebook Page


That’s it. It is easy to set up shop on your page and giving another direction for your business to grow. Share your views in the comment section below.

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