How to Use Hashtags on Twitter | A Simplified Guide

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How to Use Hashtags on Twitter | A Simplified Guide

17 Mar , 2017  

Everyone is aware of hashtags, they are everywhere from personal postings on social media to marketing posts of a business/brand. We all use them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms too, right?



What is a Hashtag?

Let’s get to basics a little. It’s a word that is prefixed with a #symbol, which turns out that word into a link. And that links to that particular topic making it easier to follow the conversation or that topic. If you want to shout out and get attention in the social media crowd, then Hashtags will definitely help you. Using hashtags in your social media content can gain you more reach when compared to plain text.  


How Hashtags can benefit your Business on Twitter?

Well, Hashtags on Twitter are more powerful compared to any other social media platform. If your business is on Twitter, then you need to focus on right usage of Hashtags. Using Hashtags has many benefits like: it links to the relevant topic, adds more information, creates an expression, people searching for same tag can find you and primarily helps you to be found on Twitter.


How to find your set of Hashtags?

Every business has their own set of keywords that are related to their niche, in order to target the audiences. In similar way, you need to find your set of Hashtags to include in your tweets. This set would help you reach your target audience. Sometimes these hashtags can be static or can be changing from time to time.



Initially, you need to do brainstorming and intense research on Twitter platform, to find the hashtags that are used by your audiences. Don’t end up using hashtags that are not used by anyone. Once you figure out your hashtags list that targets your business goals, you can include them in the tweets.


Power Tip: Use Twitter search for choosing your hashtags.

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter

How to use Hashtags on Twitter?

Well, every Twitter marketer has their own way of using Hashtags. We have listed out some simple yet effective ways to use hashtags and gain higher engagement on twitter. Check them out:


Relevancy is a Must: Never add hashtags just to gain attention. When you add hashtags out of your niche, your followers and other users on Twitter definitely would not be interested in your tweets. Always maintain relevancy between your tweet content and the hashtags.


Don’t Use Too Many: Tweets with 1-2 hashtags gain 21% higher average engagement, so always include optimal number of hashtags. Remember flooding your tweets with hashtags is not at all good.


Don’t Make it Lengthy: #dontusehashtagsthatarehardertoread, well that’s not readable isn’t? Use the hashtags that are readable and short ones, they may include two words but not more than that.


Include Hashtags at Right Places: In the tweet, hashtags can be placed anywhere. For example: In the beginning of the tweet, this will work if you are using a trending hashtag. You can also include the hashtags at the end of the tweet or sometimes within the tweet content itself. Check out the examples:

Example 1:
#WednesdayWisdom Love yourself instead of expecting others to love you.

Example 2:
For Social Media Marketing Guides & Tips visit

#socialmedia #marketing

Example 3:

Learn How to Increase Engagement on #Twitter & Grow your #Business. Read More:


Right Usage of Trending Hashtags: Including trending hashtags in your tweets is always beneficial, as they can reach larger audiences compared to regular hashtags. But never use a  trending hashtag if it is irrelevant to your tweet and doing this you would annoy your followers/users.  


Custom Hashtags: These tags are created and then used for marketing or promoting an event. If your business is conducting any event or running an offer, create a hashtag that would represent your campaign and tweet using that tag. Such tags grab users’ attention and are potential enough to promote your business, if used in a right way. Check out image below, in order to understand.

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter

That’s a wrap! Now you know what are hashtags and right ways to use them to gain more engagement through Twitter. Always remember to make your tweets look informative and engaging. Finally make right use of hashtags!

Let us know how you use hashtags in your tweets, in the comment section below. #HappyTweeting

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