How to Verify your Facebook Page?

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How to Verify your Facebook Page?

27 Aug , 2015  

Fake profiles and pages are another side of Facebook, that tricks the users. In recent times, many fake pages have been created on the names of different celebrities, artists, brands and icons; people get deviated and follow those pages. Which is the total misuse, So How do you protect genuineness and authenticity of your brand/icon?



Facebook Page Verified Badge, is the symbol of originality and authenticity of the brand. Blue checkmark next to the Page Name is verified symbol, that determines the authenticity of the Page. Verification can be done for page types like: Celebrities, Public Figures, Businesses, Global Brands and Media.

FB Verified Badge

How to Verify Facebook Page?


Step 1: Login to the Facebook account, using which you have created the page.

Step 2: Then click on this link:

Step 3: Select the Page you want to verify

Step 4: Upload the ID proof and enter the official website address (If applicable)

Step 5: Click on “Send”


You will receive response from facebook through an email, Following which Facebook will consider all the terms that your page has to satisfy, once they find it genuine; the page will be verified.


How to Verify your Facebook Page?


Documents needed for Verification

  • If the Facebook page is of a Celebrity, Public Icon, Artist or any Journalist; then you need to upload a Government Photo ID Proof of that particular person. Remember that, ID Proof should be having the photo of the person and it can be Passport, Driving License, etc.
  • If the Facebook Page is about a business or a brand, you should provide various documents that determines your brand to be genuine.


Benefits of Page being Verified


Being Genuine: Users of Facebook are becoming smart enough in identifying fake and the original profile; Having a verified badge on your Facebook Page will let your users know that page is genuine. This gives flexibility for the users to interact with you & your brand without any hesitation.

Increase in Engagement: Users trust on verified pages, resulting in more number of likes, engagement and performance of the page.

Brand Reputation: Having verified Facebook page would save your identity/brand from being faked, which will protect your brand reputation. 


So, get verified and be safe!

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