How to Verify Your Twitter Account

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How to Verify Your Twitter Account

26 Sep , 2016  

Twitter Verified Blue Badge is the symbol of being public interest and authentic. Top brands, celebrities, public figures and businesses own a verified badge and now even you can also get verified. Recently, Twitter has opened up the verification process for everyone. Yes, now even you can get the verified badge, if you happen to convince Twitter with your originality.



Why Verification is Important?

For example, It helps people identify the original, official and authentic account of the celebrities/public figures over number of fake and imitating accounts. In the same way, brands and businesses can state themselves to be authentic with the verified badges. Verified accounts also help you to reach a wider audience and helps people to find you easily.


Check out Simple Steps to Verify your Twitter Account


    1. Log-in to your Twitter account.
    2. Visit the Twitter Verification Page.
    3. Read the information carefully, and click on “Continue”. 
    4. How to Verify Your Twitter Account Check on the username you want to verify and check the box, if you are a business or an organization and finally click on “Next”. 
    5. How to Verify Your Twitter Account Include from two to five websites that identify your account, as it’s important for Twitter to know about the authenticity of your business. 
    6. How to Verify Your Twitter Account Then, enter 500 words of description that would include, why you want your account to be verified. 
    7. How to Verify Your Twitter Account Finally, double check all the details and click on “Submit”.


That’s it, your application would be reviewed by Twitter and eventually they will contact you over email and would let you know whether account will be verified or not. If in case, your account is not verified check where you have lacked and apply once again after 30 days.

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