Social Media Image Sizes Guide 2016

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Social Media Image Sizes Guide 2016

15 Jun , 2015  

[Updated: 04-11-2016]


Visuals always have greater impact on the audiences when compared to any form of content, don’t you agree? Social Media is made of Images, people love to view and share interesting images. Especially, platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are completely visual-centric platforms. Visuals have become a greater and crucial part of digital marketing too.

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Online Marketers and Business/ Brands should always look forward to attract their audiences with good visuals which adds more value to your content.


One of the most important thing you have to take care of is to get the images on Social Media to be picture perfect, so for that knowing the optimal sizes of all the images on various platforms is the must. Follow the below guide for Social Media Image Dimensions:


Social Media Image Sizes Guide 2016

Social Media Image Sizes Guide 2016

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