Why Your Business Should Be Using Instagram

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Why Your Business Should Be Using Instagram

14 Sep , 2016  

From years now, Facebook and Twitter have been standard social media marketing platforms for any business. The usage and adoption of social media sites have started to shift as new platforms are coming into existence. It is challenging for any business or brand to adopt new social media and reach customers in a different way. One such revolutionary social media platform that has been changing the phase of digital marketing is Instagram.



With 500+ million active users and more than 95 million posts shared every day, Instagram has become one of the leading social media platform. Leaving Twitter behind, Instagram is standing on second lead according to the mostly used social media site, next to Facebook.


Why your Business should be on Instagram?


Check out the statistics below, that would help you decide whether to add Instagram in your social media strategy or not.

  • Instagram has 500+ Million Monthly Active Users
  • 300+ Million Daily Active Users
  • Posts on Instagram get 4.2 Billion Likes Daily
  • More than 95 Million Photos or Videos are being posted every single day
  • 216,000 Photos are posted every minute
  • Engagement per Post has grown at a rate of 53% year-over-year
  • 90% of Interbrand 100 Companies are now on Instagram
  • The number of brands with more than 100k followers has grown by 163% in just two years
  • 54% of brands are promoting their Instagram account through Facebook tabs
  • 73% of brands post at least one photo or video weekly on Instagram
  • When compared to videos, Images have more engagement rate on Instagram


There are many reasons why your business should be using Instagram, following are some:


Huge Reach

Future is Mobile, majority of people spend time on mobile for various activities. Instagram is mobile-only social media platform therefore you can reach all those customers who spend most of their time on mobile. After Facebook, Instagram is the place where users are spending their most of the time; So, it is great opportunity for any business to project themselves in front of audience.


High Engagement Rate

Users on Instagram engage with posts very quickly, when compared to any other social platform. Instagram followers are more likely to react, like and comment on the shares of business profiles.



Exposure to Visual Content

Social Media users always look for visual content, and when it comes to digital marketing visual content plays a crucial role in engaging customers. Instagram gives great opportunity for your business to interact with audience through images and small videos. It allows you to be creative, tell stories and create an impactful identity.


Leverage your Business

If your business is product-based then, Instagram is where you should be. You can showcase your products in creative visuals, and encourage your audience to like and share your products; which increases your reach and even customer base. For businesses related to fashion, food, dining, travel, blogging and anything that is visually compelling would be perfect to promote on Instagram.


Increase in Sales

Instagram has higher conversion rates, as users are likely to view the products or services and take an action. Since Instagram is a visual platform, images speak a lot and right kind of audience react immediately which is a great plus.


Instagram bearing millions of users, loads of visuals being shared every minute, with good conversion rate and highest engagement rate: to be or not to be on Instagram, is no more a question for any business. What do you think?

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