Email marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audiences, even better than social media. In fact according to research, it has the greatest ROI. Why? Because it generates more personal engagement with your audience as you reach them directly – at their inbox. And because it’s so easy to send an email many companies have been doing this, even putting great efforts in creating their content, but still fail to get their desired results. 

You may be shocked to know that many companies do not know what they’re doing wrong in email marketing. Many have just tried to innovate without even knowing the main reason why they’re not getting results in the first place.

So, if you want to know, here’s what you’re doing wrong in email marketing.

1. You fail at sending confirmation emails 

How can anything without confirmation ever be true? Only 26% of well-known companies send confirmations although it is one of the best ways to up your subbies. Aside from it upping your subscriber count, it also builds trust especially to those starters or new customers. You want to consider your new customers as your VIP, you want them to feel important and recognized.  

2. No CTA 

This is what marketers not only in email marketing forget. They depend so much on how juicy their content is but it doesn’t have a call to action. Since a CTA is where you answer the audiences question of “what’s in it for me?” this generates more clicks and greater subs which ups your business his strategy could boost your business immensely.  

It’s also a good idea to have a call to action on your thank you page of your funnel – if not for an offer, then to let them know what to do next.

For example, suppose you’re running an Everwebinar or Webinarjam campaign, then on your thank you page, let them know what to do right away to prep for the webinar.

3. The “IDC” content

The goal of creating content is to drive sales, but its objective is to be relevant. Relevant in way where the audience doesn’t say or think “I don’t care.” Remember that your relevance means greater readership, it’s to give your subscribers what they like, and your new comers they’ll surely like. 

4. “Wrong time” emails 

Yes. There is such a thing as wrong timing emails, these are the emails sent at the time where it’s impossible even for you to open your mail. Now this is not just guessing, “oh maybe I’ll send this email now.” No. There is a specific time in sending these emails. Once you find out the rhythm and the exact time you should send, you’re good to go. 

5. Empty Subject Lines 

Having empty subject lines makes you lose the chance of gaining a subscriber. Like a CTA, you need a subject line to gain greater response.  According to research, 47% percent of marketers test how their subject lines are optimized.  

6. To personalize or not? 

Because our goal in email marketing is to increase personal engagement, writing personalized emails can increase your open rate. And a little personalizing won’t hurt anybody.  

7. Incompatible emails 

There are a lot of people on the go who open their mail with mobile phones. There is 54% of opened emails using mobile accounts. If your content is not compatible with the mobile, then you could lose over half of the customers. Why not use templates or design kits to create a more effective content? 

8. Image explosion 

Too much of a good thing is bad. Sometimes, people look more forward to the emails words over pictures. Images are a good tool for your email marketing efforts, but too much of it may lessesn the click-through rate. Remember that images are used for support not distractions. 

9. Too much words 

Remember to KISS. Keep it Short and Simple. I for one would hate to read something so lengthy and just read the same thoughts over and over. Remember also that your market doesn’t have all day to read you email. This is the easiest and fastest way to lose your subscribers. Make sure you highlight the most important thought and keep it brief and concise including all the important facts. 

Keep a balance of all these tips, but don’t be too stiff in your content. Yes, keeping the balance may sometimes look boring and too electronically generated. So make sure you keep that in mind. Don’t forget to insert YOU in there, keep it genuine. 


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