Are you getting your blog titles right?

Title is the first thing your visitors would see or you can say title is the trigger point, seeing which visitor will enter your blog/website to read the content. So, basically an awesome and catchy title can make a good impression on the readers. What is the use of an elaborated content, intense reports or valuable information; if your title is not inviting the readers.

Whether you are relying on search engines or social media platforms or be it any other online entities to drive traffic; only effectively tailored titles will encourage readers to give their time and read the content.

So, how do you create catchy blog titles? Here are some tips and techniques that would help tailor effective titles for your blog/website.

Rough Draft

Before crafting a perfect blog title, brainstorm and come up with rough draft of your title. Don’t be specific and general, think of two-three titles that are relevant and note them down.

Keep it Short

Always keep your blog titles length less than 68 characters, if the length of the titles is long search engines like Google & Bing will cut-off the extra characters. Note that, Google displays the title that fits in 512 pixels of length.

Accuracy is Must

Never confuse your audience, don’t make your titles long and difficult to understand. For example: “10 Amazing Android Apps For a Teenager Who Loves Clicking Stunning Selfies”, Isn’t confusing and lengthy? The title can be “10 Amazing Android Apps for Selfie Lovers”, this title is more accurate, isn’t.

Titles Should be Optimized

Optimizing the titles is a must for search engines and social media also. Include the main keyword in the title, but only include one keyword. Look for keywords that are being searched by your audiences and check out the search volume for those keywords. Once, you finalize the keyword, place it as closely as possible in the beginning of the title as it is easily visible.

Best Formula

Construction is the key get your titles spot on, You can construct titles using this perfect formula:

Title should include a catchy/trigger word or number, adjective or verb and most importantly a keyword.

Consider the example below:


20 Twitter Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

Effective Ways to Boost SEO of your Facebook Page

Ask Questions

People search to find answers, isn’t? Using 5Ws is one of the best techniques to create blog titles. The 5Ws are “What, Who, When, Where and Why”, and also include “How” to this list. Titles starting with these words apparently have more traffic from the ones which don’t.

For Example:

Why Your Business Should be Using Instagram

How to Verify Your Twitter Account

Numbers Actually Work

We could have titled this article to be “Tips for Creating Blog Titles” or “How to write blog titles”, but question is would you read this article? May be no. If possible include numbers in the beginning of the title, which makes your readers feel that this piece of content is efficient and worth reading.

Trigger Words

Now, these words are something that should provoke users to click and read the content. Trigger words can be adjectives or verbs that are relevant and those which will engage the readers.

Some of the adjectives you may consider for titles: Effective, Free, Incredible, Funny, Strange, Ultimate and More.

Coming to verbs, here are some you can use: Explore, Create, Avoid, Improve, Develop, Discover and More

Educate Them

Always think about your readers; question yourself, whether you are providing the content and skills that they are looking for. Every time try to educate, through your blog posts and convey the same through titles.

So, these were 9 simple but very effective ways to create irresistibly clickable titles. But always think upon whether your content is benefiting the readers and whether your content is justifying the titles. Let us know your secret formula to create titles, in the comment section below.


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