Most of us just keep scrolling down the Facebook News Feed, Like some posts and comment on some and if we love it, we do share isn’t! But these likes, shares and comments do mean a lot for brand pages, don’t you agree? But do all posts of the official brand page appear on the news feed of the followers/people who liked that page?

Are brands really successful at attracting the followers? Followers just engage/interact with those posts which they find interesting, that may be a friends’ or of any brand page. But its time for social marketers rather I would say Facebook marketers to understand the working of Facebook News Feed Mechanism.

Well, it works on EdgeRank Algorithm and it has to be given a closer look!!

What is EdgeRank Algorithm?
It is a simple algorithm based on which Facebook decides what posts and where should they appear on the news feed. Every post that appears on the news feed is the result of this algorithm and it is based on three prominent factors:

  • Affinity
  • Weight
  • Decay

Let’s see these factors individually.


This factor determines the engagement rate with a person’s posts. For example, a person A gets interacted (that may liking, commenting or sharing) with a friend B in every post of his. Therefore affinity makes sure that person A sees most of his friend B’s posts on his timeline. This way Facebook prioritizes the posts of the people/page from whom you like to see the more of, and eliminates the posts of the people/pages that you are not so engaged with.

So, the affinity of the follower towards the liked brand page should be always higher to gain good score in edgerank.


Facebook Posts can be of different types, they may a simple text post, or an image or may be a video; it is the next factor, that contributes in edgerank determination. The higher the weight of the post, higher edgerank is acquired by the post. As mentioned in the below list, from top to bottom the weight decreases:

  • Photo/Video
  • Link
  • Text

So, to reach more fans through your posts on brand , see that they have higher weight.


Decay is the time period for which a particular post stays on the news feed, as the post gets old enough it disappears from the news feed. In this way, Facebook is always successful in presenting new and recent posts on one’s news feed.

Understanding the importance of the EdgeRank is the first initial step that can be taken for reaching the excellence of Facebook Marketing. Every Brand Page should gain higher edgerank score to reach more and more fans and keep them engaged with your brand.


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