Every Facebook page owner would want to increase the likes, isn’t? And do you think is it an easy job?

Nowadays, Facebook stood out to be the best social media platform to increase branding of your business and even to gain traffic to your website. Many page managers struggle to gain likes and even sometimes to attract people towards their page. And on the other hand some of the pages gain likes so easily. Every page has a different purpose, one is to promote a business, another represents a music band and another is of a celebrity; whatever might be the purpose of the page having good number of likes is must.

Check out some tricks to increase facebook page likes, using which you can gain likes in non-spammy way and which is completely genuine, So, let’s get started:

Perfect Page

A page is perfect when the information is completely updated. First thing after creating a page, is to update the page with good about section, filling up the contact details and having attractive profile & cover images.

Check out the Facebook Page Checklist, Once the page is ready with complete information, it’s time to tell audience about your presence on Facebook.

Promoting the Page:

Before promoting the page, page should not be empty, audiences will not be interested to like an empty page, isn’t? So, make some interesting posts/updates related to your business/product that drives attention.

Now when your page is ready, tell your customers about your presence on facebook. That can be done by placing your Facebook link on the website and invite your website visitors to Like the page and even on many other platforms, where your brand is active. If your business/ product is active on traditional marketing, even there you can talk about your page.

Invite your Friends:

To gain some quick likes, “Invite your friends” is the best option. Once you Like your page, automatically Facebook will ask to invite your friends, inviting all your friends, notification will be sent to your friends. This way, initially you will gain some likes. Moreover, you can also tell your friends to invite their friends, doing which your page will have good number of likes to start off.

Talk in Groups:

Next thing you can do is to join the Facebook groups that are related to your business, and then promote your page. Group members are sometimes smart enough to ignore your like request, so its wise to share quality information first and then asking them to like the page. Create good engaging content, ask questions and talk to your audiences in the group, this will increase your branding and even likes.

Daily Updates:

Updating your page daily is must to increase your likes. Sharing quality content, interesting articles, amazing images will drive more engagement to your page, which means more likes. For example, if you update is liked by one your fans of the page, it will appear in their friends news feed, which gives more exposure to your page. So, daily updates are must.

Awesome Images:

Images can fetch double the engagement then simple text or link updates. User tends to react to images faster then any form of update you make, so make fullest use of it, Create good and powerful images that depicts your brand, that drives users attention.

Ask Questions:

Users are always eager to answer the questions and increase their knowledge, so ask them interesting questions and increase engagement, which will definitely lead to increase in likes. Always remember, the questions you ask should be more or less relevant to your business.

These are 7 genuine and non-spammy techniques to increase Facebook Page likes. So, get started and try these techniques on your page and get genuine readers and followers for your page in fact brand.


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